Favorite lists are personal. However, a group of users can share specific favorite lists. The effect is that users can stream from (and contribute to) shared favorite lists. Read more.


What are favorite lists ?

What it is:
A favorite list i basically a personal/private collection of tracks you label (or tag) under a certain name.
Your favorite lists can be populated in various ways, depending on what your personal settings in relation to this reflects.
There's no limit to the number of favorite lists each user can create, and there's no limitation on the number of tracks any given favorite list can contain.

How it's used:
You can create a favorite list, select it and - every time you click "Add to favorite..." - add individual tracks, albums, performers/artists, years or even the queue to a favorite list.

If you have the personal setting "Ask for name of favorite list" turned on, you will be prompted every time for the name of the list you want to add something to.
So you could have several lists "80s", "Rock", "Get out of bed", "Background noise" etc.etc. and have AmpJuke prompt you for the name of the list you want to add something to.
Note that you can also avoid having a track represented in a list more than one time by using the personal setting "Avoid duplicate entries".

Of course you can share one or several favorite lists with one or several fellow users on the AmpJuke server.

Add tracks to a favorite list automatically:
A rather new functionality lets you populate a favorite list automatically based on one or more tags.
Let's say you're fond of the 80s and dance music and want to have a favorite list with that, you enter a name for your favorite list - f.ex. "This is my dance list" - and in the "Use tags" field you enter: 80s, dance.
Then "This is my dance list" will be populated with all tracks from performers, who are considered to have contributed music to "80s" as well as "dance".

Please note that the automatic population of a favorite list is done on basis of performers/artists, not individual tracks (it will simply take way too long time do do).
In other words: Your "This is my dance list" example from above might - besides dance tracks from Madonna - also end up with her ballads..
But at least you'll get a crude/raw list, where individual tracks can be removed from the list.

Also note that you can later add tracks to a favorite lists using the automatic adding feature.
Just enter the name of an existing favorite list, fill in something in "Use tags", submit the stuff and then the existing favorite list will have tracks added automatically.
You might want to take "Avoid duplicate entries" into consideration before doing that.