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Can AmpJuke fetch covers for my albums ?

Short answer: Yes!
During installation, or by logging in as an administrator later, you can configure automatic retrieval, download and display of album covers within your music collection.

What it is:
AmpJuke can download, store and display covers for albums within your music collection.
This happens automatically, if you enable the feature.

How it works:
Each time an album is displayed, AmpJuke looks in the local 'covers' folder to see if there's a cover available for the album.

If no album cover exists in 'covers', and if "Download & display album covers" is checked (see below), an attempt to find a cover is made against last.fm's API.
If a cover is found using the webservice from last.fm, the album cover is downloaded, stored (in 'covers') and displayed.
If no cover is found, the blank "AmpJuke" cover will be used instead.

Please note that users who are allowed to upload, can upload a cover for any album in the music collection "by hand".
More about upload/download here and here.

How it's configured:
Configuration of AmpJuke's automatic album cover feature is quite simple.
It can either be done during installation or later by logging in as an administrator and selecting "Configuration..." on the "Welcome" page.
On the configuration page, the settings that controls this are found in the "Miscellaneous" section.

When enabling (checking) Download & display album covers, album covers will be downloaded and displayed automatically (see above).