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How do I configure retrieval of lyrics for individual tracks ?

You (or another user with adminstrator access) can enable an option that will (try to) display lyrics for a song in the database.
In order to make this work, two parameters are needed in the site configuration (Login -> Configuration... -> "Miscellaneous" section):

Check Enable lyrics and enter a path that will be used in the attempt to display lyrics.
The path is by default: http://lyricwiki.org/%PERFORMER%:%TRACK%

Note that %PERFORMER% and %TRACK% are optional (but useful!) and will be replaced by the name of the performer and the name of the track, that the user wants a song-text for.

Feel free to experiment, - if you f.ex. want to use something else - f.ex. Google - to display search results for lyrics for a particular song in your collection, set "path" to this: http://www.google.com/search?q=%PERFORMER% - %TRACK%.

When this setting is enabled, each user can have a "Lyrics" link displayed next to every song, by enabling this option in his/her personal settings (Login -> Settings -> "Play & display options" section).