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Can I customize the contents of the "welcome" page ?

Yes, although only in a simple way..
The "welcome" page is what is displayed every time right after you login (or click the logo above the menu to the left).
The "welcome" page consists of three sections/areas, with a number of items in each of them.

To customize the contents, goto: Login -> Settings

Near the bottom, there's a paragraph called welcome page contents.
Enter a number to set the number of items you want to see in each section.
What should be displayed in each section is picked in the drop-down menus (labeled #1, #2 and #3).

You can set each box to display a predefined view in the corresponding area, as follows:
- "Empty" -> The area will not be displayed.
- Recently played tracks -> Individual tracks with most recently played at the top.
- Random tracks -> Pretty self-explaining...tracks will be picked and displayed randomly.
- Recently added tracks -> Latest tracks added to the database (aka. "New Music").
- Recently added performers -> Latest performers added to the database (aka. "New Performers").
- Random performers -> Performers will be picked on a random basis and displayed.
- Recently added albums -> Latest albums added to the database (aka. "New Albums").
- Random albums -> Albums will be picked on a random basis and displayed.