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What's the deal with shared favorites ?


What it is:

If you have a particular favorite list that you want one or several other users to view/modify/play music from, you can do that within the "Favorites" view.



How it works:
In there, you will see a column ("Shared") with a Yes/No indication as well as a number right next to it.
The Yes/No indication is used to show if a specific favorite list is shared (or not), as well as the number of users allowed to view/modify/play music from the favorite list in question.

To share a favorite list, click on the Yes/No indication, and pick each user that you want to allow to view/modify/play music found in the list.
Only the owner/creator of a favorite list can allow access to other users.


It is possible to turn the display of shared lists on or off (it's set to off by default).
It's done in "Settings" (where you also select theme, language and a lot of other personal preferences).

Another thing to consider might be that displaying/sharing favorite lists may be turned off.

This can be done by an administrator and prevents sharing altogether.

More about that in this FAQ-entry.