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I don't see any categories in AmpJuke, - why ?

This requires a little explanation...
A track is performed by someone (group/performer) - that's a fact.
A track was released a certain year - that's a fact.
A track has a certain duration, from start to end - that's a fact.
A track is (or is not) part of a certain album - that's a fact.
However, if you ask 2 or more different persons about how they would best describe a track (as being "Rock", "Heavy Metal", "Pop" whatever), you will most likely get two or more different answers on many occasions.
The more persons you ask, - the more different may the answers be as about what category a certain piece of music is in.
That's why categories doesn't exist (and most likely never will...) in AmpJuke.
Another argument: Some years ago I was listening a lot to ACDC, - I still do occasionally.
However, if you asked me some years ago about what category I would put, let's say, ACDC into - I would most likely have responded "Heavy Metal".
Today - I might put it into the "Rock" category...
So, in other words: I did not want to bother implementing categories in AmpJuke, since people either tends to view them differently and/or the "standards" changes over time. Period.
However, you're of course encouraged to "build" your own categories using AmpJuke's Favorites...