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What does AmpJuke cost ? Can I donate ?

Cost of AmpJuke: Nothing ! It's completely free, since it's release under GNU GPL.
However, if you like the program, use it, and wish to support there are some options available:

1. Donate through Paypal
"OK. How the hell do I do that ?!" you might ask.
Well - the donation links is only visible after successful installation, it's only visible for users with administrator access, and it's only displayed on the personal settings screen.
Talk about unobtrusive... Well, - you'll find it - eventually.
Cost: Whatever you feel like

2. Click on a Google Ad
They're known on almost all websites today: The scourge of ads from Google.
If you click on an ad on this site, you will help supporting the expenses I have in relation to hosting this site with the ISP.
Of course, you can only click on something that's really interesting for you...
Cost: One (1) mouseclick.....

3. Give AmpJuke a nice rating on HotScripts.com.
Rate AmpJuke here.
Cost: A few mouseclicks.


4. Contract me.

I've done some customized AmpJuke work in the past. For example make AmpJuke  the front end for a webshop where users are buying music.


Apart from AmpJuke, I'm also willing to do other work in relation to the Linux/Unix Apache MySQL PHP-stack. However, until something really, really interesting shows up, I'm only availble for max. 10-15 hrs/week since my daytime job as IT-manager is both very interesting and it pays the bills..

And - sorry: I am not available currently.

Cost: Depends, - obviously... Contact me: michael@ampjuke.org.

The choice is yours in relation to supporting AmpJuke.

Thanks in advance !