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There are gaps/silence/clicks in the music when I'm listening, - why ?

This can be caused by one or several factors.
Some suggestions, as follows:

Upload capacity
If you for example has your music stored with a bitrate of 256kbit/sec., but the maximum upload capacity of the connection is only 128kibt/sec., you will most certainly encounter silence/gaps.
Please note that if you have an upload capacity of 128kibt/sec., and you music is stored with 128kbit/sec., you might get gaps/silence/clicks because the entire upload capacity is used for streaming music (and you still want to navigate within the program, which also requires bandwidth).

ISP's tends to state upload capacity as "capacity under the right circumstances" (ie.: nobody else in your neighborhood is using their Internetconnection)...

Transcoding cause heavy load on the CPU
If you have enabled transcoding/downsampling to a different bitrate (using Lame), and the CPU is "running hot", transcoding might produce high-frequency "clicks" and/or gaps/silence in the streamed music.

Ripping music w. wrong parameters
I have to admit that I have tried that on a few CD's that's been ripped to mp3.
However, after discovering CDex (see this FAQ-entry), it rarely happens anymore.