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What platform(s) can AmpJuke run on ?

During the course of development, I've tested AmpJuke on a wide range of different versions of Linux, - for example:
- Red Hat Linux
- Fedora Core

- Ubuntu
- Linux Mint

Right now, Mint is my chosen distro...
In theory, AmpJuke should be able to run on all of these platforms (at least I've managed to...), as well as other *NIX-boxes.

Note: I have also tried running AmpJuke working on a Windows box (WinXP and Windows 7).
If you go for AmpJuke on Windows: Try the popular WAMP server, and please note that AmpJuke will only work on WAMP-systems if the document-root (folder where www-stuff is served from) and the music is on the same logical drive (f.ex. C: or D:).


AmpJuke on OS/X should also be working, although I've never had the opportunity to try that out in real life...

Although OS/X and Windows are not considered completely "valid" within the requirements, it's positive to know that AmpJuke apparently seem to be running OK on these platforms as well.