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FAQ: Personal settings

What is "Hide text next to icons" about ?

What is "Show option to add to favorite" ?

What is "Add tracks to favorite lists automatically" ?

What's the "Ask for name of favorite list" setting about ?

Can I avoid changing my password when changing settings ?

Can I customize the contents of the "welcome" page ?

What is the "" settings about ?

What is "Automatic play" about ?

What's the difference betweeen "Put it in the queue" and "Play it immediately" ?

Can I control how many items (track/albums etc.) are displayed one each page ?

What's "Display when a track was played last time" ?

What's "Display how many times a track has been played" ?

What's "Display ID numbers" ?

What's "Display duration on tracks" ?

What's "Display totals" ?

What's "Confirm deletion" used for ?

Can I quickly jump to something starting with a specific letter ?

Can I upload and download music ?

How does "Browse performers by pictures" work ?

How does "Browse albums by covers" work ?

What's 'Display small images...' about ?

What's "Use flash player..." about ?