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FAQ: General

[NEW] What's this "Echonest API" in AmpJuke ?

[NEW] What is "jukebox mode" in AmpJuke ?

[NEW] How does the "mechanics" in AmpJuke+Echonest work ?

How does AmpJuke stream music based on "related" performers ?

I don't like AmpJuke. What are the alternatives ?

Do you know any good programs to rip CD's and encode them as MP3, OGG, WMA and/or APE ?

What mediaplayers are supported ?

I don't see any categories in AmpJuke, - why ?

What does AmpJuke cost ? Can I donate ?

How does the automatic deletion of files in "tmp" work ?

Are there any limitations when enabling the flash player ?

How do I upgrade from a previous version overwriting the old one ?