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Download and installation of AmpJuke

By downloading and using AmpJuke, you understand and agree to The GNU General Public License (GPL).

Click here to download AmpJuke version 0.8.8 (Approx.1,72MB). Released: 14-08-2014

Note: After downloading, the installation guide might be a great place to start..


Quick installation guide:

  • Download AmpJuke, extract the files in the "AmpJuke-x.x.x.tar.gz"-archive and - if you need to do so - use Filezilla or a simliar FTP-related program to transfer the contents to your webserver.


  • Open a browser and point it to:


  • Follow the instructions on the screen. Please take a brief look at the AmpJuke installation example incl. screenshots. It is a great help, it's updated to the current version and it might answer your questions related to installation before you begin.



Done !

If you encounter any problems in relation to this, please check the FAQ and/or the forum/community.

I wish you good luck using AmpJuke !