Setup AmpJuke to run as an online jukebox! Everybody listens to the same music. Simultaneously. Read more.


About AmpJuke

The script is invented and developed by me, Michael H. Iversen, with the intention to enable a user to stream music from a central point to whatever location the user might be at.


AmpJuke is an abbreviation of Apache, MySQL, PHP and of course Juke is short for jukebox -> In total: AmpJuke.

If you want to support (apart from supplying/suggesting some code) there are some options available, - please see this FAQ-entry or visit the forum.


Thanks to everybody who downloads and uses AmpJuke. I'm quite sure that YOUR hits will keep on coming !


A special "thank you" goes to the GetID3() project. Without it, AmpJuke might not have existed.



Finally, thanks to some of the "bigger ones" w. brilliant API's and/or software that makes something like AmpJuke a possibility to offer for free:

The Echonest

Apache http server


PHP website